Administration Policies


B.1.1  Stale Dated Cheque Replacement  adobe pdf icon  (15 KB)

B.1.2  Interfund Transfers  adobe pdf icon  (14 KB)

B.1.3  Reimbursement of Expenses ‌ adobe pdf icon  (17 KB)

B.1.4  Delinquent Accounts  adobe pdf icon  (17 KB)

B.1.5  Banking  adobe pdf icon  (15KB)

B.1.6  Short Term Borrowing  adobe pdf icon  (14 KB)

B.1.7  Financial Responsibility and Accountability ‌ adobe pdf icon  (110 KB)

B.1.8  Selection and Appointment of Auditors ‌  

    • Policy  adobe pdf icon  (96 KB)
    • ‌ ‌adobe pdf icon  (99KB)

B.1.9  Investment ‌  

Human Resources

B.2.16  Travel ‌ adobe pdf icon  (20 KB)

B.2.19  Whistleblower

B.2.2 Selection of Administrators  adobe pdf icon  (140 KB)


B.3.3  Rental of College Facilities ‌ adobe pdf icon  (95 KB)

B.3.4  Use of College Facilities ‌ adobe pdf icon  (14 KB)

B.3.5  Ancillary Services ‌ adobe pdf icon  (38 KB)

B.3.6  Alcoholic Beverages on Campus ‌ adobe pdf icon  (67 KB)

B.3.7  Parking  adobe pdf icon  (73 KB)

B.3.8  VCC Smoke-Free ‌ adobe pdf icon  (20 KB)

B.3.9  Use of College Supplies, Products, Services, Facilities

B.3.10 Establishing Discount Rates for VCC employees, students


B.4.1 Purchasing

Information Technology

B.5.1  Sharing & Stewardship of Information ‌ adobe pdf icon  (46 KB)

B.5.2 Appropriate and Responsible Use of Education and Information Technology

B.5.4 Electronic Mail (Employees) Policy

General Administration

B.6.1  Archives ‌ adobe pdf icon  (69 KB)