Education Services Renewal Policy

Policy Number: 405
Policy Effective Date: April 5, 2017
Approval Body: Board EdCo Advice
Sponsor: VP Academic

Context and Purpose

Vancouver Community College (VCC; the College) ensures that its educational services that support and assist students, prospective students and employees are of high quality. Further, the College fosters a culture of continuous improvement in its educational service functions through learning and self-assessment.

The quality of educational services is monitored and evaluated from a number of different perspectives, including the degree to which student and staff expectations are met, the degree to which the approved goals and objectives for each Education Service Area are met, and the degree to which Education Service Areas meet or exceed exemplary practices at comparable post-secondary institutions.

Scope and Limits

The College & Institute Act states in Section 23(1) An education council must advise the board, and the board must seek advice from the education council, on the development of educational policy for the following matters (f) evaluation of programs and educational services.

Education Service Area renewals will occur every 5-7 years.


  1. Quality services are vital to ensuring student success.

  2. The College and/or service areas will encourage students to access services through various promotional activities. 

  3. The College will strive to ensure services are accessible to all students.

  4. Educational services are governed by the College's vision, mission and strategic direction.

  5. Educational services are also guided by professional practice standards.

  6. Educational services will establish criteria for evaluating success over the renewal cycle.

  7. Educational services must change as new or previously unrecognized student needs emerge.

  8. Educational services employ quantitative and qualitative methods of monitoring and evaluation.

  9. When available, regional, national, or international standards are used for benchmarking purposes.


Education Service Areas
- Registrar's Office
- Financial Aid
- Advising Services
- Counselling Services
- Disability Services
- Assessment Centre
- Interpreting Services
- Student Development
- Arbiter of Student Issues Office
- Library
- Learning Centre
- Centre for Teaching, Learning and Research
- Indigenous Education and Community Engagement
- International Education
- Continuing Studies
- Peer Helpers
- Front Desk Reception
- New Education Service areas as they arise

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