Transfer Credit Procedures

Procedures Number: 317
Procedures Effective Date: November 22, 2023
Approval Body: Board of Governors with Education Council Jointly
Sponsor: VP Academic


  1. Students are responsible for initiating the transfer credit process upon admission to the College.

  2. Students must complete a transfer credit request form available from the Registrar's Office.

  3. Students are responsible for submitting official transcripts to support their request for transfer credit. (Note: Official transcripts should be sent directly from the issuing institution to VCC.)

  4. Transfer credit requests, and all required documentation, must be received at least two weeks prior to the start of the term in which the course is offered.

  5. The transfer credit administrative fee must be paid prior to the assessment.

  6. Department Leaders, in consultation with the Registrar's Office, will have discretion for overriding the deadline.

  7. Successfully completed courses not listed in the online BC Transfer Guide may also be eligible for transfer credit as a result of a formal assessment.

  8. The Registrar's Office will keep a record of all courses assessed for transfer credit.

  9. In some instances, if transfer credit is awarded for a full term or year of a program, then the credit may be awarded as a block transfer and will appear as such on the student's official academic record. 

  10. The Registrar's Office will inform students of the result of their transfer credit request.

If courses are from within Canada:

  1. After a transfer credit request form has been submitted by the student and an official transcript has been forwarded in a sealed envelope directly from the issuing institution to VCC, or via electronic transcript exchange service where applicable, the transfer credit will be assessed by the Registrar's Office.

  2. Course work previously assessed and listed in the BC Transfer Guide will be automatically posted to the student's official academic record.

  3. Course work not listed in the BC Transfer Guide that has been previously assessed and awarded by the Registrar's Office will be granted. 

  4. In the event the course work is not in the BC Transfer Guide and has not been previously assessed and awarded by the Registrar's Office, course outlines/syllabi must be provided by the student to determine if transfer credit is appropriate.   

  5. Official course outlines/syllabi must be from the year and/or semester/term in which the courses were successfully completed. These outlines/syllabi will be evaluated by VCC faculty with subject matter expertise. (Note: Catalogue or calendar course descriptions are not adequate for the purposes of transfer credit evaluation.)

  6. Each course outline/syllabus must include the following information: a statement of course objectives, the number of weeks duration and/or course contact hours, the method of evaluation and grading, the number of credits, a comprehensive description of course content, and learning materials used.

If courses are from outside Canada:

  1. Students must send an official transcript to VCC.  In the event the transcript is deemed irreplaceable, VCC will return the original copy to the student.

  2. Official transcripts should be in the original language of instruction and should prominently display the institution's logo/stamp/seal. Where the official transcripts are not in English, students will need to provide certified translations to accompany their request.

  3. Course outlines/syllabi must also be provided and should (where applicable) include the following information: course name, course number, length of instructional period, total number of hours by instructional type, learning objectives/learning outcomes, and content of the course including texts and required readings, methods of instruction and grading/evaluation structure for each course. Where the official outlines/syllabi are not in English, students will need to provide certified translations to accompany their request.

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