Campus Master Plan

Campus Master Plan Ideas Fair - Broadway, Oct. 9, 2018


What’s Happening?

Vancouver Community College is developing a Campus Master Plan which will set forth a long-term vision for the future of the Broadway and Downtown Campuses. We want to hear your ideas for the future of VCC's campuses

What we learn in the next few months will help to inform the development of a Vision, a series of Principles and a set of Design Strategies that will become the backbone of the Campus Master Plan.


What is a Campus Master Plan?

The Campus Master Plan is a long-term policy document about the physical environment that supports development and partnerships on campus in accordance with the College’s strategic priorities. The plan guides decision making that influences the functioning of campus and the campus experience for the next 20-25 years.


The Planning Process

As part of the second phase, public consultation was held on October 9 and 10, 2018. Provide input on the future of the Broadway campus or Downtown campus.

The following diagram depicts the planning process for the Campus Master Plan. Throughout each of the phases we will be engaging with the public to ensure that we are on the right track.

Staff and faculty were given the opportunity to provide input during a mini-consulation session at VCC Day on Nov. 6. Another session, this time inviting a cross-section of VCC employees, is planned for Nov. 14.

Campus master plan phase 1

Discovery and Review

June - August 2018

This phase involved the gathering and review of available background information.

campus master plan phase 2

Develop Plan Options

August - October 2018
This phase includes the launch of public engagement, which will include conversations about the aspirations and priorities for the future of campus.

campus master plan phase 3

Develop Plan Options

October - May 2019
During phase 3 options for the Campus Master Plan are explored based on the outputs of Phase 1 and 2. Further engagement will be undertaken to obtain feedback on draft design frameworks.

campus master plan phase 4

Finalize the Plan

May - October 2019
Based on the feedback received during Phase 3, final adjustments will be made to the plan.

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What are your Big Ideas for the future of VCC's campuses?

We're using a third-party online platform called Thoughtexchange to gather your input. You'll be asked to sign up or log in to participate. For VCC employees and students, this sign up/log in is not linked to your VCC email access.


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