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VCC engagement summary completed

"VCC is a focal point or hub of the community. Both campuses have strategic locations, and relationships should be strengthened and fostered with the surrounding communities."

That's one of the findings from the phase 1 engagement summary recently completed by DIALOG, the design consultant hired by VCC in 2018. The report covers the major Campus Master Plan engagement activities and is the result of several months of consultation with the VCC community.

The next major engagement events are Open Houses planned for 11 a.m. - 1 p.m. on April 2 at the Broadway campus and April 3 at the Downtown campus.

"We're really pleased with the feedback," said Molly Steeves, public engagement associate with DIALOG. "VCC is very passionate about its diversity and the inclusiveness of its public facing services."

Steeves has played a large role in the consultation, attending many of the VCC stakeholder meetings. "You're very hands-on and that's a unique position in the marketplace."

When asked what surprised her during the engagement process, she said VCC's commitment to community was "a pleasant surprise."

"As a client, VCC is very committed to being innovative," she also noted.  


Campus Master Plan - Engagement Summary 


Other emergent themes identified in the 18-page report include:

• A strong desire emerged to showcase what VCC does to the outside community - or “turn inside out”.
• VCC is highly accessible to those of different abilities. This includes both internal and external navigability of the physical space, in addition to digital accessibility.
• VCC needs to be highly flexible and adaptable to changing technology, job markets and programming.
• VCC should look to develop and strengthen relationships with partners in industry, culture, hospitality etc.
• VCC should demonstrate sustainability leadership through waste reduction, programs, green buildings, approach to pedagogy and acting as a living lab.
• Staff and students both emphasized the importance of a campus that supports a wholistic approach to wellness.

The summary is the first major report to come from the Campus Master Plan. DIALOG Design aims to have the plan completed by October 2019. You can read the full report here.

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Seeing VCC from the inside out

"Turn the college inside out". That was one of the 'big ideas' that came out of the Campus Master Plan's stakeholder workshop on Nov. 14.

Participants from leadership and a number of VCC departments as well as external stakeholders, such as government and CUPE, were invited for the full-day charrette to help generate additional input for the plan.

By "inside out", participants wanted the future design of the campuses to be literally more transparent so that passersby can see the kinds of educational activity being delivered by VCC.

"We have so many hidden treasures at VCC, such as the 19 kitchens, full salon and spa, and dental clinic," said safety, security and facilities coordinator Ria Krisna Salonga. "We have to show what VCC has to offer."


campus master plan


Salonga was one of the 40 attendees who participated in small discussion groups. Meeting facilitators from DIALOG, the Canadian architectural firm selected by VCC to deliver the plan, led them through exercises that explored how the campuses would be impacted under various themes.

"I enjoyed the fact that I got to contribute and share my thoughts and ideas," she said. "I learned that VCC's employees are so passionate, excited, and committed with the campus master planning. There are so many great ideas – I think it's achievable."

For Salonga, the other memorable 'ideas' that came out of the day included: "Life after 4 p.m. at VCC; Our VCC is diverse; and, My VCC is my second home."

Input from the charrette and the Ideas Fairs held in October will be consolidated into an engagement summary that will help inform the vision, principles, and design directives for the Campus Master Plan.

Interested in contributing your feedback and ideas? Visit the Campus Master Plan page and join the discussion on Thoughtexchange.

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