Herstory in Focus

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- 8:00 PM
Vancouver Art Gallery


Join VCC in supporting the work of the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre


The Downtown Eastside Women's Centre (DEWC) presents the third annual HERSTORY IN FOCUS, hosted at the Vancouver Art Gallery. HERSTORY raises support and awareness for the work of the Centre, celebrating the strength and resilience of women in our community. As the night's highlight, women of the Centre perform a live fashion show as an expression of style and empowerment.

This year, the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre commemorates our 40 year anniversary, with a special focus on our meal program, and its long-term support sustaining and nourishing women from the Centre's inception. The theme this year is 'inner essence: highlighting the inner power and unique personalities of women.'

HERSTORY aims to raise $50,000 for the drop-in centre and meal program, providing over 500 meals daily to women. As the sole low-barrier drop-in space in the Downtown Eastside, DEWC provides invaluable sanctuary to women in a highly marginalized community, with the meal program serving as the entry point to the Centre and a continuum of care. 

Many VCC departments (including fashion, hair design, makeup, and graphic design) are volunteering their time to support this event. Join us at HERSTORY IN FOCUS in supporting the work of the Downtown Eastside Women's Centre and elevating women's voices, stories, and strength. 

Thursday, October 18, 2018 6:30 p.m.
Vancouver Art Gallery
750 Hornby St. Vancouver

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