Performance Techniques Student Showcase

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Date Day Time Room Location
- 8:30 PM
Auditorium, level 2, building A Broadway campus


Join us for VCC Music's second annual Performance Techniques Showcase!

VCC Music is pleased to announce the second annual Performance Techniques Showcase, featuring some of the finest performances our students have presented this year, as selected by their Performance Techniques instructor, François Houle. This event is not the result of a competitive process; rather, it was created and designed to celebrate the great diversity of musical practices at VCC Music, and to recognize the hard work that goes into all aspects of the music making experience - from planning and organizing the performance to programme note writing and stage demeanour. It also provides an opportunity for students to share their work in an evening concert setting open to the public.

Join us in recognizing the fantastic work being done by our talented music students!

Admission is FREE.