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VCC updates sexual violence and misconduct policy

Posted on June 21, 2017

Vancouver Community College (VCC) is committed to the prevention of sexual violence and misconduct and the promotion of an environment where everyone is physically and emotionally safe and treated with respect. VCC is committed to providing education to the College community about the prevention of sexual violence and misconduct and to assisting and supporting those who have experienced sexual violence and misconduct.

VCC has been engaged in work to address the prevention of sexual violence on our campuses since 2013 and has recently published an updated sexual violence and misconduct policy to align with the expectations and procedures set forth in Bill 23 – 2016: Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy Act. A working group made up of representatives from across the College, including students and faculty, assisted in drafting a policy and the accompanying procedures. The resulting draft was carefully vetted by legal counsel, ensuring that the final policy addresses all relevant aspects of the legislative requirements. The feedback received as a result of this process has informed the final policy.

VCC’s commitment is to ensure our campuses are safe, that everyone knows their rights and responsibilities when comes to sexual violence and misconduct, and that support and resources are available for all.

For more information on the sexual violence and misconduct policy and procedures, please contact:

Fareedah Rasoul Kim 
Marketing and Communications Officer
Vancouver Community College
T. 604.871.7000 ext. 7152