VCC students go to Bangladesh

Posted on March 2, 2011


Three students studying to become registered nurses at VCC travelled to Bangladesh to work and learn in a largely underfunded, overpopulated health care system.

The six-week internship is a partnership between VCC and the College of Nursing in the International University of Business, Agriculture and Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh. See below what the students had to say about this exciting opportunity:


VCC nursing students going to Bangladesh.


Nurse Raymond Li,VCC alumni, went to Bangladesh. Raymond Li, age 29, worked as a licensed practical nurse for four years before deciding to earn his nursing degree at VCC.

VCC: Before you've even left Canada, what do you know about health care in Bangladesh?

RL: Due the difference in classes and socio-economic status of people in Bangladesh, I expect to see extreme differences between private and public hospitals.

VCC: What do you hope to accomplish in Bangladesh?

RL: I would like to share and teach some of the knowledge and experience I have gained over the years. I really hope to gain a greater appreciation of life and be grateful for what we have in Canada.

VCC: How do you think working in a Bangladesh hospital will impact your nursing career when you return to Canada?

RL: I think working in a Bangladesh hospital will make me a better nurse. This experience will enhance my appreciation of the resources available in hospitals. I hope to share what I have learned with my classmates and my future colleges and to inspire hope, change, and empowerment to as many people as I can.



Nurse Sean Reid, VCC alumni, went to Bangladesh.Sean Reid, age 40, graduated the VCC LPN program and was hired at Surrey Memorial Hospital in 2005. He returned to VCC to earn his degree.

VCC: What are you expecting third world hospitals to be like?

SR: From what we have been told, there are two types of hospitals: one for the rich and one for the poor. The rich hospitals have many facilities and benefits because they have private funding. I've also heard about rampant Cholera in Bangladesh and that it's difficult to use Canadian-style sterilization techniques. Hand washing is even limited because soap is not readily available.

VCC: What do you hope to accomplish in Bangladesh?

SR: I hope to gain some real life exposure to student nursing in a challenging environment. I will probably learn to appreciate how fortunate we are in Vancouver, more than I already do. I also hope to better understand what people face in difficult economic conditions and how those conditions translate in health care.



Nurse Jessica Schneider, VCC alumni, went to BangladeshJessica Schneider, age 28, currently works as an LPN at GF Strong Rehabilitation Centre and is earning her nursing degree at VCC.

VCC: What do you hope to accomplish during your internship in Bangladesh?

JS: I hope to learn more about international nursing and gain insight about different health issues and diseases within a third world country. We are also teaching classes at the International University in Bangladesh. I hope to help the students gain a better understanding of how nurses are trained in Canada.

VCC: How do you think working in a Bangladesh hospital will impact your nursing career when you return to Canada?

I think going outside of your comfort zone allows people to build self-confidence and better life skills. I think it will give me perspective.