Our valedictorians

Posted on November 27, 2013

Jane Blix 

valedictorian jane blixJane is a graduate of VCC’s Dental Assisting - Certified program.
Through CDA distance education, Jane was able to stay in her hometown of Terrace, keep a full-time job, and care for her family.

"I never dreamed that at almost 50 years of age I would be graduating from college.
But I think this shows that anything is possible, at any age, wherever we come from.
VCC provides education for people of all ages at any stage in life."

Representing: School of Health Sciences; School of Transportation Trades



Linda Dooley 

valedictorian linda dooleyLinda decided to go to college as a single mom with two pre-teen daughters. She is a graduate of VCC’s full-time esthetics program.

“The one lesson I have taken away, is to never let anyone tell you that you cannot do
or be anything that you truly believe in. We have the ability to change people’s lives.
VCC instructors always encouraged us and really prepared us from the start.”

Representing: School of Music, Dance and Design; School of Hospitality and Business (hospitality programs)




Gloria Fuentes 

valedictorian gloria fuentesGloria was a teacher in the Philippines before moving to Canada in 2011. She is a graduate of VCC’s administrative assistant program and also teaches English to new immigrants in Vancouver.

"Having spent more than 20 years in an educational institution as a teacher,
I know how important a supportive and caring environment is to students.
This is what VCC gave us."

Representing: School of Arts and Science; School of Hospitality and Business
(business programs); Centre for Continuing Studies and Contract Training;
Centre for Teaching, Innovation and Applied Research