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Meet Experience VCC tuition winner Woori Chae

Posted on May 29, 2019



Congratulations to Woori Chae, the grand prize winner from our recent Experience VCC open house! Woori won $500 in VCC tuition after attending the event and filling out our survey. We find out what’s in store for her at VCC.

What will you do with the $500 tuition credit? 
I’d like to use it for the health care assistant program this September. I’m starting to feel really good about studying at VCC.

What do you do right now?
I am working at Starbucks now and also looking for a new career in the health care industry. The reason I chose health care is that I'd like to have more responsibility in my job. It will also let me get more education in the future.

Why did you come to Experience VCC?
At first, I was planning to take the medical lab assistant program and I visited the coordinator to see if I can transfer any of the credits I already have. Unfortunately, she said no but she told me about the open house and how I could apply for free at the event. That’s why I came. 

Did you expect to win the grand prize?
No! I usually don’t write down my name in those kinds of draws but this time I thought, ‘why not, who knows?’ And it worked! After winning, I felt that this is the right decision; I’m on the right track.

How do you feel about going back to school?
I hope I can make good friends. I’m living here by myself and I would love to make some longtime friendships with my classmates. I also want to keep improving my English at VCC.


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