A Fresh Start

Posted on May 17, 2012

"At VCC, I learned to speak English and how to become a professional baker. Now, I own my own bakery. VCC helped me achieve my dreams." Ray Wei, graduate, ESL baking and pastry arts.

Vancouver Community College graduate Ray Wei might not get a lot of shut eye these days but his dreams are certainly coming true.

Upon arriving in Canada from China -- where he worked as a sales executive with Nestlé -- Wei embarked on a new journey to learn to English as a second language and a new skill: professional baking.  After graduating from VCC's full-time ESL baking and pastry arts program, he found work in local hotels and restaurants and about a year later, purchased his own bakery.

On his experience at VCC; learning English and how to become a professional baker:

“The relevance and usability of the program is very strong. It's job-oriented but also takes into account development of your personal interests. VCC helped with my communication skills and opened doors for me.”

“My dream of beginning a new life as an immigrant has turned into a very hard job, but I love it. I wake up at 4 a.m. every day and work over 10 hours a day. Sometimes I feel physically and mentally exhausted and want to give up. But then I think about my VCC teachers and the support they gave me. It keeps me going as well as my love for the industry and my two employees, who are also VCC baking graduates.”