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Administration Policies


B.1.1  Stale Dated Cheque Replacement [PDF]

B.1.2  Interfund Transfers [PDF]

B.1.3  Expenses and Travel

B.1.4  Delinquent Accounts [PDF]

B.1.5  Banking [PDF]

B.1.6  Short Term Borrowing [PDF]

B.1.7  Financial Responsibility and Accountability [PDF]

B.1.8  Selection and Appointment of Auditors ‌  

B.1.9  Investment ‌  

B.1.10 Signing and Spending Authority

B.1.11 Capital Assets

B.1.12 Cash Handling

Human Resources

B.2.1  International Travel Risk and Security

B.2.2 Selection of Administrators [PDF]

B.2.19  Whistleblower


B.3.3  Rental of College Facilities ‌[PDF]

B.3.4  Space Allocation and Room Booking

B.3.5  Ancillary Services ‌[PDF]

B.3.6  Alcoholic Beverages on Campus ‌[PDF]

B.3.7  Parking [PDF]

B.3.8   ‌Smoking on Campus

B.3.9  Use of College Supplies, Products, Services, Facilities

B.3.10 Establishing Discount Rates for VCC employees, students


B.4.1 Purchasing

Information Technology

B.5.1  Sharing & Stewardship of Information

B.5.2 Appropriate and Responsible Use of Education and Information Technology

B.5.4 Electronic Mail (Employees)

B.5.5 Internet of Things

General Administration

B.6.1  Archives