Health and safety measures for Fall 2021


Administration Policies


B.1.1   Unclaimed Funds

B.1.2  Interfund Transfers 

B.1.3  Expenses and Travel

B.1.4  Delinquent Accounts 

B.1.5  Banking 

B.1.6  Short Term Borrowing 

B.1.7  Financial Responsibility and Accountability 

B.1.8  Selection and Appointment of Auditors ‌  

B.1.9  Investment ‌  

B.1.10 Signing and Spending Authority

B.1.11 Capital Assets

B.1.12 Cash Handling

B.1.13 Honoraria

Human Resources

B.2.1  International Travel Risk and Security

B.2.2 Selection of Administrators 

B.2.19  Whistleblower


B.3.3 Rental of College Facilities

B.3.4  Space Allocation and Room Booking

B.3.5  Ancillary Services 

B.3.6  Alcoholic Beverages on Campus 

B.3.7  Parking 

B.3.8   ‌Smoke-Free Campus  EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 7, 2021

B.3.9  Use of College Supplies, Products, Services, Facilities

B.3.10 Establishing Discount Rates for VCC employees, students


B.4.1 Purchasing

Information Technology

B.5.1  Sharing & Stewardship of Information

B.5.2 Appropriate and Responsible Use of Education and Information Technology

B.5.4 Electronic Mail (Employees)

B.5.5 Internet of Things

General Administration

B.6.1  Archives