Education policies


C.1.1 Grading, Progression and Withdrawal

C.1.2 Appeal of Final Grade

C.1.3  Granting of Credentials

C.1.4  Assignment of Credits to Courses

C.1.5  Requirements for Student Attendance and Participation

C.1.6 Registration


       C.2.1 International Students on Study Permits

Programs and Instruction

C.3.1  Program Advisory Committee

C.3.2  Program Review and Renewal

C.3.3  Suspension and/or Discontinuance of Programs

C.3.5  Programs Offered Under Service Contract  adobe pdf icon  (63 KB)

C.3.7 Student Field Trips    (153 KB)

C.3.8 Transportation of Students  adobe pdf icon  (135 KB)

C.3.10 Affiliation Agreements

C.3.11 Qualifications For Faculty Members

C.3.12 Qualifications for Continuing Studies Instructors

C.3.13 Academic Schedule

C.3.14 Curriculum Development and Approval Process

C.3.15 Academic Timetable & Room Booking Policy