Education support policies

Support Services

D.1.1  Education Services Renewal

D.1.2  Selection of Library Materials

D.1.3  Copyright

D.1.4  Curriculum/Instructional Materials Created Within the College  ‌  (114 KB)

D.1.5  Use of Library Resources

Financial Aid and Awards

D.2.2  Awards

D.2.3  Student Financial Aid


D.3.2  Fee Deferral  adobe pdf icon  (14 KB)

D.3.3  Tuition and Fee Waiver for Employees  adobe pdf icon  (41 KB)

D.3.4  Refund‌ 

D.3.5  Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition

D.3.6  Admissions

D.3.6.1  Flexible Admissions

D.3.7  Tuition & Fees  adobe pdf icon  (108 KB)

D.3.9  Tuition Waiver for Seniors  adobe pdf icon  (93 KB)

D.3.10 Aboriginal Education Enrolment

D.3.11  Transfer Credit


D.4.1  Students with Disabilities  adobe pdf icon  (207 KB)

D.4.2  Student Grievance  adobe pdf icon  (91 KB)

D.4.3  Student Code of Conduct (Non-Educational Matters)

D.4.5 Student Educational Conduct

Instructional support

D.6.1  Lending and Borrowing College Equipment