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Governance Policies


Board of Governors

A.1.1  Board Meetings  adobe pdf icon  (123 KB)

A.1.2  Student Appeal of Suspension to Board of Governors

A.1.7  President's Performance Assessment  adobe pdf icon  (73 KB)

Education Council

A.2.1  Appeal to Education Council on Educational Matters

College Wide

A.3.1  Prevention of Harassment, Discrimination, and Bullying

A.3.2  Policy Development and Maintenance

A.3.3  Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIPPA)

A.3.4  Post Emergency Intervention (PEI)  adobe pdf icon  (76 KB)

A.3.5  Unscheduled College Closures

A.3.6  Standards of Employee Conduct & Conflict of Interest

A.3.7  Environmental

A.3.8  Violence Prevention  adobe pdf icon  (143 KB)

A.3.9  Records Management

A.3.10  Sexual Violence & Misconduct

A.3.11  Emergency Management  adobe pdf icon  (38 KB)