Institutional Learning Outcomes

Today’s employers demand more than technical skills. Communication, responsibility, and critical thinking are only a few of the qualities now needed for lasting, professional success.

Many VCC programs have long been equipping students with “soft skills” like these, yet they were not officially recognized – until now. After 21 months of consultation with more than 700 students, faculty, and industry stakeholders, we are pleased to formally introduce VCC’s Institutional Learning Outcomes.

These outcomes define the core abilities that VCC is committed to instilling in all students, regardless of program, so that every graduate can make their mark.

Communicate effectively
Collaboration, empathy, responsible use of social media
Identify a sense of direction
Integrity, critical reflection, confidence, resourcefulness, resilience
Be socially responsible
Citizenship, community contribution, social belonging, environmental stewardship
Demonstrate professionalism
Lifelong learning, advancement, respect, work ethic
Think critically and creatively
Problem solving, decision making, openness, entrepreneurialism, information literacy
Develop intra-/intercultural awareness
Indigenous history, multiculturalism, diversity, global awareness