Organic Chemistry 2 (CHEM 2230)

This second half of organic chemistry continues the examination of the reactions of common functional groups. Aromatic compounds including phenols, aldehydes and ketones, amines, carboxylic acids and their derivatives are studied. Concepts presented in the first half are reinforced. Attention to stereochemistry and regiochemistry are emphasized. Greater skill in designing organic syntheses is developed. To establish the contribution of organic chemistry to other sciences biochemical topics are highlighted. Topics include amino acids, peptides, proteins, phospholipids, terpenes, steroids and nucleic acids. The fundamental concepts of reactivity and functionality are underscored to illustrate their role in the understanding of living materials and processes. NMR Spectroscopy is introduced and the importance of spectroscopic techniques in the analysis of organic compounds is presented. These techniques will be used in the laboratory component of the course.
Course code: CHEM 2230
Credits: 4.0
Tuition: $0*
Length: 120 hours
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CHEM 2130 with a C-

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