Practicum (CNSK 2511)

This course provides students the opportunity to put the skills and theories they have learned into practice in social service settings. With a focus on empathy, ethical practice, and self-awareness, students engage directly with clients to solidify their learning. The practicum includes two components; a practicum placement in a community agency and a classroom component on campus.
Course code: CNSK 2511
Credits: 5.0
Length: 151.0 hours
Course outline: view


CNSK 2502 Foundations of Addiction Counselling Skills
CNSK 2503 Introduction to Trauma Informed Practice
CNSK 2504 Introduction to Concurrent Disorders
CNSK 2506 Addiction and Human Behaviour Across the Lifespan
CNSK 2507 Addiction and Public Policy
CNSK 2508 Addiction Assessment Skills
CNSK 2509 Group Facilitation Skills
CNSK 2510 Indigenous Perspectives and Addiction

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