COVID-19 update – Safety information for those returning to campus

Posted on June 18, 2020

Since Phase 2 of British Columbia’s Restart Plan began on May 19, 2020, Vancouver Community College (VCC) has been working closely with WorkSafeBC and provincial health authorities to safely resume necessary elements of on-campus learning.

Thus far, instructors have been in direct contact with any students returning to VCC campuses for essential, hands-on learning activities, providing specific guidance and safety instructions in every case. 

Strict health and safety measures will continue to be implemented for courses and programs opening to on-campus delivery in the coming weeks. To prepare for your potential return to campus, please review the following guidelines. Please also note that these may change as COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines evolve.

Before coming to campus


  • Your instructor will send you a self-assessment survey via Moodle. Fill out this survey before any visit to a VCC campus. 
  • Bring your VCC identification card (VCC ID) with you.
    • You will be required to show your VCC ID to security at the Downtown campus.
    • You may be required to show your VCC ID to security while at the Broadway campus.


  • A self-assessment survey has been provided to all departments. Fill out this survey at the start of each and any week you’ll be on campus.
  • Bring your employee identification card with you. 
    • You will be required to show your ID to security at the Downtown campus.
    • You may be required to show your ID to security while at the Broadway campus.


Only the following entrances will be open:

  • Downtown – Dunsmuir St. entrance (at Hamilton St.)
  • Broadway – Broadway main entrance (building A) and 7th Ave. entrances (building B)
  • Annacis Island – Main entrance 

Bulletin-question-icon-30px  If you have questions or concerns about returning to a VCC campus, please contact your instructor or department directly. 

What to expect on campus

When you arrive on campus, look for:

  • Directional signage in areas that are confined
  • Signage about safe use of elevators and classroom capacity
  • Limited seating in public spaces to support physical distancing 


To ensure the safety of all VCC students and employees, please:

  • Wash or sanitize your hands upon entering the campus and regularly throughout the day
  • Limit your time on campus
  • Maintain a two-metre distance from others
  • Avoid touching surfaces whenever possible
  • Use proper respiratory hygiene practices

Bulletin-question-icon-30px  If you have any questions or concerns about these safety measures, please contact your instructor or department directly.

Washrooms and campus sanitization

VCC has implemented enhanced cleaning and sanitization protocols for all common, high-traffic areas, and high-contact surfaces. Cleaning and sanitization schedules are updated regularly to reflect the number of people on campus. 

Currently, approximately 30 per cent of washrooms at VCC are closed. Washroom availability will be based on ongoing campus occupancy. 

Open washrooms are clearly marked and located near high-traffic areas, central locations, and areas adjacent to elevators and stairs for ease of access.

Hand sanitizer

Upon entering the building, please clean your hands by washing with soap and water or using hand sanitizer.

Public hand sanitizer dispensers have been placed in high-traffic areas across VCC campuses. However, due to sanitizer shortages with commercial vendors, students and employees may wish to be prepared by bringing personal bottles of hand sanitizer. 


Face masks are not required to be worn at VCC campuses. This decision is supported by WorkSafeBC, the public health officer (PHO), and the BC Centre for Disease Control. Even so, non-medical masks are encouraged to protect people around you in situations where two-metre physical distancing can’t be ensured.

VCC is currently working with suppliers to have non-medical masks available for online purchase through the VCC Bookstore.

Bulletin-Accessibility-icon-30px-2  When wearing a mask, please be mindful of our Deaf and hard of hearing students, staff, and faulty, as the inability to see mouths can be a barrier to understanding and communication. 

Campus services

Campus services continue to be limited. Food service outlets including cafeterias, bakeries, and restaurants are closed. 

If you must spend a full day on campus, please plan to buy food elsewhere or bring a meal with you. Vending machines remain available. 

Please refrain from eating in classrooms.

General health and safety behaviour 

Our goal is to ensure that all VCC students, staff, and faculty have the information and resources they need to teach, learn, and work safely and successfully throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Please continue to be mindful of others’ personal space and comfort levels. We have all worked very hard to “flatten the curve” in B.C. Let’s continue this trend, being respectful, kind, and patient with each other as we re-introduce necessary on-campus learning.  

Throughout this process, VCC is committed to following all directives and recommendations from WorkSafeBC, the PHO, and the BC Centre of Disease Control. Thank you for helping us stick to these rules. It’s up to all of us to keep on-campus learning happening safely. 

Bulletin-question-icon-30px  If you have questions or concerns about returning to a VCC campus, please contact your instructor or department directly.  

Check VCC’s COVID-19 information page regularly for ongoing updates about campus access, as well as useful FAQs and other resources for VCC students.

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