VCC International

VCC International Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Refer to the list of frequently asked questions below.

If you have a specific question and cannot find the answer on the website, please contact VCC’s International Education Office or email study@vcc.ca.


Admissions Requirements

Refer to the program admissions requirements on the website to verify you meet the requirements. Apply to VCC for your application to be assessed to confirm admissibility.

Students may study at VCC’s partner language schools, ILAC or ILSC, to meet VCC’s English requirements. Contact ILAC or ILSC directly to find out more information and apply.

VCC only accepts IELTS Academic module.

VCC Institution code for TOEFL is 0658.

Seat Availability

As availability changes constantly, seats may become unavailable by the time applications are reviewed. Students applying to an "open" program have higher chance of getting an offer, however seats are not guaranteed.

Program seats are not available, however qualified applicants may apply to the waitlist during the application periods and receive notification from VCC if seats become available.

Application fee is not refundable, and seat availability cannot be guaranteed.

Applications are not accepted if the status is “Not Open” or “Closed”.

As a public institution, provincial government funding regulates VCC's programming, seat space and equipment allocation. Certain programs are given domestic student priority. If a VCC program is not listed on the International Program Listing page, it is not offered to international students.


Check the seat availability status page at www.vcc.ca/ieavailability and only apply if the status is "open" or "waitlist".

To apply, email a complete application package to study@vcc.ca and wait for a decision.

A complete application package includes the following:

Note that application fees and assessment fees are non-refundable, and are assessed upon receipt of application. Appilcations with missing documents or invalid application fee payment information may result in a delay in the application processing time.

If a program seat is available for your preferred intake, you may receive an offer letter within 8 to 10 weeks after submitting a complete application.

If no seats are available, qualified applicants may be accepted on the waitlist. No offers will be available until seats are open. Seats are not guaranteed.

Upon acceptance into one of our programs, you will be provided an Offer of Admission which can be used to support your study permit application (with the tuition deposit payment receipt). For more information on how to apply for a study permit, please visit the IRCC website: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/study-canada.html.  Please note that VCC cannot guarantee your study permit approval as this is determined by IRCC.


Even if a program is full, seats may become available due to student cancellations or additional sessions added. Qualified applicants may be placed on waitlists and get notified when seats become available.

Check www.vcc.ca/ieavailability. If the program status shows “waitlist”, apply to VCC and pay the application fee. Qualified applicants may be placed on the waitlists.

Being on the waitlist does not guarantee an offer or a program seat. Application fee is non-refundable even if no seat opens up.

Being on the waitlist does not guarantee a seat, and the wait time cannot be estimated. Some students get offers within a few weeks, some never get offers.

There is no regular update available. Waitlisted students will only be contacted if an offer is available.

This information is not available. Waitlist status changes on a constant basis.

Waitlisted applicants will not be moved automatically to the next available intake.

If students wish to be considered for a future intake, they should apply when the application period is open.

Conditional Admission

Pathway conditional admission is available for ILAC or ILSC students who are studying at these language schools to meet VCC’s English requirements. Contact ILAC or ILSC for more information.

If students do not meet the English requirements, studying at ILAC or ILSC is the only option to get conditional admission. Alternatively, apply after obtaining sufficient IELTS scores.

Conditional admission may be available for B.C. Grade 12 students. To confirm admissibility, submit a complete application with interim transcripts and report cards for evaluation.

Fees and Payments

Application fees can be paid by many different methods.  Check the payment section of the application form for details.  

Students pay the tuition deposit to confirm their program seats, and will pay the remainder of the tuition and other fees to continue their programs. Tuition deposit amounts vary by programs.

Tuition and other fees are payable on a continuous basis based on the courses in your program and when those courses are scheduled. Information about future term payment amounts and due dates will be sent to students before they continue to the next term.

Fees information such as program tuition and other fees are published on the website. International students should expect to prepare sufficient funds for the entire programs before accepting offers.

Failure to pay tuition fees by the deadline may result in late fees or removal from your programs/courses. Letters and transcripts may not be issued if students have fees owing.

Tuition fees can be paid by many different methods. Check the Fees & Payments section on the website for details. Wire transfer information will be provided when offers are issued.

As the provincial government funds domestic students’ education, the cost of tuition for domestic students is subsidized and therefore lower than that of international students.

The following prospective students are eligible for domestic fees (as per the Procedures):

  • Canadian Citizens
  • Permanent Residents
  • Refugees (Conventional Refugees, IRCC letter required)
  • Foreign Live-in Caregiver with a work permit (up to 6 months in ESL)
  • Exchange students (requires evidence of agreement from VCC)
  • Dependent of a Canadian Citizen (requires marriage certificate, at least 1 year)

Other Questions

An international student is someone who is not a Permanent Resident or a Canadian Citizen.

Breaks vary depending on programs, and some of VCC’s programs are continuous without a break. The exact dates of program breaks will be provided with class schedules before the start of each program.

The number of credits vary by programs. Refer to individual program flyers for details.

Many VCC programs have practicum, and some programs offer practical training on campus. Check individual program pages to find out if practicum is included. Practicum is usually not paid. Information about how to find employers will be provided by individual program areas.

Industry Training Authority (ITA) recognizes the education and training hours of some of VCC’s trades programs. More details about how to register for an ITA test will be provided by individual program areas when students are enrolled in the programs.

The Study in Canada Scholarship Program is made available by Global Affairs Canada. Visit the EduCanada website more information about the program, including scholarship eligibility criteria.

The following programs are eligible for the Study in Canada scholarship:

If you are interested in any of the listed programs, please visit our website to review the program descriptions and admission requirements. To be considered for the Study in Canada Scholarship:

  1. Email study@vcc.ca to request a VCC Study in Canada Scholarship expression of interest form.
  2. Study a complete application package and Study in Canada expression of interest form by email. More information about the application process is found on our website.

The deadline to submit your application and expression of interest form is January 31, 2020.

Please note that recipients for the Study in Canada Scholarship are not eligible for a post-graduation work permit.

You can find more information about the scholarship on the EduCanada website.