VCC International

How to Apply

Ready to apply? Here are the next steps:


Check program availability and admissions requirements.

As we continue to receive more applications than program capacity, availability changes on a daily basis. Program seats may be open when applications are submitted, and seats may become unavailable when applications are reviewed. Apply as soon as the application period is open to increase the chance of getting an offer.



Submit a complete application package by email

Include all the following in the application package:

Important Notes:

  • Application fees are assessed upon receipt of application.
  • Application fees and assessment fees are non-refundable.
  • Applications will only be accepted if submitted during the application periods.
  • Program seats will be available on a first-qualified, first-offered basis.
  • Applications with missing documents or invalid payment details may result in a delay in the application processing time.
  • Application processing times may vary depending on the time of the year.



Receive an Admissions Decision

Letter of Offer

An official Letter of Offer is issued to qualified applicants if program seats are available.


Waitlist Confirmation

If program seats are not available and waitlists are accepted, qualified applicants may be placed on a waitlist to wait for seats to open up. Waitlisted applicants do not receive regular status updates, and will only receive notification if an offer is available. Program seats are not guaranteed.



Pay Tuition Deposits

If program seats are available, students will receive a Letter of Offer. To accept the offer, students must pay the tuition deposits before the payment deadlines, which are usually within two weeks of the offer issued date. The tuition deposit amount and payment deadline are indicated on the Letter of Offer.



Submit Proof of Study Permit or Student Visa Approval

Apply for Study Permit with the Letter of Offer and the tuition payment receipt. Students must provide proof of their study permit approval by the deadline indicated on the Letter of Offer. If students do not submit proof of Study Permit or Student Visa Approval to the VCC International Education office by the deadline, the program seat may not be guaranteed, and students may be deferred to the next available start date.



Satisfy conditions on the Letter of Offer (if applicable)

If students receive conditional admission, they must satisfy the conditions in order to receive full acceptance. The conditions and the deadlines are indicated on the Letter of Offer.

Conditions may include the following:

  • Meeting the English requirement at VCC's partner language schools for selected programs
  • Meeting the Food Safe Certificate requirement for selected programs
  • Meeting the high school graduation and final grade requirements



Receive class schedules

Students should check their email to receive class schedules and registration information. The information is usually available one month before classes begin.



Attend New International Student Orientation at VCC

Students should plan to arrive in Vancouver at least one week before classes begin. More information about the New International Student Orientation events will be emailed to students closer to the program start date.



Deliver official and original documents

Scanned and photocopied documents are only accepted for initial evaluation purposes. Students must submit official and original documents for final verification before classes begin. Official and original documents may include transcripts, graduation certificate or diploma, and other educational documents submitted during the application process.

Students may deliver the documents to VCC International Education Office in person or by mail.