Gemmology 3 (JADE 2102)

This course provides essential facts about the most commonly used coloured gemstones, and pearls, and contains vital information needed to keep up-to-date with today’s changing market. Students learn how to: (1) identify the various gems which are used in jewellery today, and the pros and cons of using each gem in a particular type of setting; (2) recognize how those gems may have been treated in various ways, and how treatments affect durability and pricing; and (3) identify simulant gems and synthetic gem materials, and the great variation in pricing of these materials thus giving students the knowledge to be able to answer customer inquiries with confidence.

Students will also be taught about precautions to take when working with, handling, wearing and storing the various coloured gem materials, and pearls, so they are able to make suggestions, and advise customers about the durability and wear-ability of the various gem materials.
Course code: JADE 2102
Credits: 1.5
Length: 48.0 hours
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JADE 1202.


JADE 2108, JADE 2103, JADE 2105, JADE 2106.

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