Intermediate Algebra - Part 2 (MATH 1071)

MATH 1071 along with MATH 1061 (Intermediate Algebra - Part 1) are equivalent to Precalculus 11. Students are introduced to polynomials and factoring; rational expressions and equations; variation; roots, radical expressions and equations; rational exponents and complex numbers; solving and graphing quadratic equations; and functions. Students use a scientific calculator to evaluate complex expressions with emphasis on using special keys to perform a variety of functions.

The use of a graphing calculator or other technology is optional.
Course code: MATH 1071
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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MATH 1061 with a 'C-', or MATH 0861 with a 'C-', or Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-calculus 10 with a 'C', or Foundations of Mathematics 11 with a 'C', or 52% on the VCC Intermediate Algebra Assessment.