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Calculus III (MATH 2251)

This course explores the calculus of several variables and is intended for students in Science, Engineering and Computer Science degree programs. Students are introduced to the concepts of three-dimensional analytic geometry, vectors, partial differentiation, multiple integration and vector calculus.

It is recommended that MATH 2251 be taken concurrently with or after MATH 1221.

Pre-requisites: MATH 1200 with a C- or equivalent

course outline

CRN Fee Campus - Room Day(s) Time Date Instructor
BWY-B  - Rm. 2209
TRM-Monday, T-Tuesday,
W-Wednesday, R-Thursday,
F-Friday, S-Saturday,

1800 - 2159
to 28-Jun-2019
Filali, Bilal

Credits: 3.0

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