ASL 1 (SIGN 1100)

This course is designed to develop the student's proficiency in the understanding and use of ASL vocabulary as well as its grammatical structure. The course focuses on the use of communicative ASL in daily interactions, using a functional approach in natural contexts. The student is expected to learn basic rules of ASL grammar as they come up in context during various communicative activities. Grammar features explored in this course include Sentence Types, Time Frame, Noun Functions, Pronominalization, and Classifiers.

Visual Gestural Communication

This course is a sub-component of the ASL 1 course. It provides the student with the opportunity to communicate in non-lingual visual gestures. The course begins with concrete topics and progresses toward more abstract / hypothetical topics and notions. The aim of this course is to help the student to feel more comfortable using body language and facial expressions to communicate meaning.

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