Kitchen Basics (FSCR 0604)

This course covers the following topics:
Kitchen Organizational Skills
Good organizational skills are an asset to an efficiently run kitchen. Students learn how to set up their workstations and maintain a well-organized kitchen throughout each day.
Kitchen Awareness
Kitchen awareness and kitchen safety go hand-in-hand. Developing essential kitchen awareness stressed throughout the program.
Receiving and Storage of Food
In this course students learn the proper procedures for receiving and storage of food. In addition, an overview of HACCP is taught (Hazard Analysis Critical control Points). Knowledge gained from Foodsafe and HACCP is applied. Students have the opportunity to practice these methods throughout the program.
Knife Skills
Students learn how to use kitchen knives safely and efficiently. Proper identification, respect and care of knives and their different uses are stressed.
Kitchen Hand tools and Equipment
Students learn how to identify and safely use a variety of kitchen hand tools and equipment.
Portioning and Measuring
Students learn how to accurately portion food using both metric and imperial scales. The measuring of dry and liquid ingredients are taught and used throughout the program. Packaging and labelling products for retail are demonstrated and practiced regularly.

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