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Lower Beginner English (DHHE 0610)

This is an English Upgrading course for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students at the Lower Beginner Level. Students will be able to use and develop the reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar skills that were introduced at the Bridge Level. Through the study of themes, students develop language for educational goals and functional use in the community. Students will be able to read a basic text with pictures and complete simple cloze activities (fill-in-the-blank). Students will be able to read and follow 2-5 word instructions, and recall and relay information from a short personal note. They will recognize 200-250 sight words and apply simple vocabulary to people, places and things in the community. Students will record personal information on a basic form and identify and write familiar place names on a map. Computer skills will be developed through listing the ways a computer can be used. Students will recognize basic number words (zero to twenty) and basic money words and symbols. The students are taught using a variety of communication methods, assistive learning equipment and modified materials.

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