Musicianship 4 (MUSC 2401)

Musicianship 4 is the last of a four-course sequence that introduces music students to musicianship. In level 4 students expand upon skills learned in Level 3, with a particular emphasis on more chromatic harmonic materials, including listening, sight-singing, rhythm, inner ear hearing, intonation, part-singing, dictation, music theory, analysis, ostinato work and mixed meter conducting. Intervals from the harmonic and melodic minor, chord progression dictations with inversions and augmented 6th chords are introduced. More idiomatic jazz chord progressions are introduced, as well as more improvisational and other jazz stylistic strategies. Other topics introduced in this course are the application of solfege to chromatic music, intervals outside a given tonality, octatonic scales and 12-tone rows.
MUSC 2301
It is highly recommended (but not required) that students also take MUSC 2403 Theory and Practice of Music 4 concurrently.

course outline

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