Whether you are new to the fashion industry or have been sewing since you were a child, VCC fashion has the courses and programs for you.

Our fashion design & production diploma mimics the real-world fashion industry. Experience a fast paced production process while learning fundamental skills and the use of industry standard software such as Illustrator and Gerber CAD. The self-directed garment project is a an opportunity to hone in on your craft and personal sartorial interests.

The fashion design & production certificate is the only part-time fashion design program in Canada. The emphasis is on technical skills, creativity, and a fast paced production process. 

Our fashion merchandising associate certificate is a one year program that prepares you for the business of fashion through hands on experience and knowledge of fashion fundamentals and theory. 

Non-credit courses are the place to test the fashion waters, upgrade your skills, and develop the required elements for your design school portfolio.

All programs are taught by our instructors that are experienced in both the industry and classroom.

VCC simply offers the best value for learning all you need to know to work in the fashion industry.

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testimonial quoteMy time at VCC was truly all I had hoped for and more. But it was intense, it made you work for it, and I think that's part of what sets this program apart. Since graduating I’ve been ridiculously busy. I just finished working on the new Star Trek film and I'm showing 3 outfits as part of the Snow White set at the St. Paul’s Brilliant! charity fundraiser/fashion show at the Commodore, and next week I start working on the new Planet of the Apes film.

Samantha Stroman, Fashion Arts Diploma Graduate, samanthastroman.com

testimonial quoteThank you so much for arranging the amazing fashion show and your help along the way in finishing my studies at VCC. It was really amazing meeting you both and all the amazing instructors at VCC. I really appreciate all the work that you have done for us, especially near the end of the school year where your help was most needed.

Isly Choi, graduate, Fashion Arts Diploma

testimonial quote I am eternally thankful for your time, help and advice. I started Textiles today; how can I explain to you how much I love and enjoy it. Thanks so much! I’m looking forward to buying my supplies and starting Sewing, Pattern Making and Fashion History.

Pilar Buse, fashion student

testimonial quoteI have developed skills from every course that will help me in any direction I take. The program appealed to me because it was self-paced and the instructors are very experienced and well-known in the industry.

Vanessa Lewis, graduate, Fashion Merchandising

testimonial quoteI found the program challenging, but essential to the skills I use today in creating my line. It gave me the artistic and technical know-how to go from a sketched design to finished garment. The program was really accessible and I enjoyed the teaching style as well.

Merida Anderson, Fashion designer, Paperbird Clothing

testimonial quoteI cannot tell you how impressed I was with this program. The classes were focused; there was plenty of opportunity to get to know your classmates while working on group projects; and the instructors were all very supportive of helping find jobs after graduation. I highly recommend this program.

Kristi Carignan, graduate, Fashion Merchandising