Diesel Engine Mechanic Apprentice

Important information for apprentices

Diesel Engine Mechanics are certified to diagnose, service, adjust, overhaul and maintain and test diesel engines and related equipment and components as well as related electrical and electronic systems. Much of the heavy equipment used in the construction, transportation and farming industries, such as bulldozers, cranes and tractors are powered by diesel fuel.

Diesel Engine Mechanic's require Heavy Mechanics Level 1 & 2 training.

For more information please see ITA Diesel Engine Mechanic

Start Length Credentials Campus Part- or Full-time
Level 1 - May, Oct
Level 2 - Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Oct
4 weeks per level VCC Transcript Annacis Island Full-time

Program Description

Program Description

Level 1 of Apprentice Heavy Mechanic Trades introduces apprentices to the safe servicing of a variety of heavy mechanical systems, including brake, hydraulic, electrical, frames, steering, suspension, trailer, and heating ventilation and air conditioning systems, as well as structural components and accessories. In the classroom and shop, they develop their ability to apply theoretical knowledge and occupational skills to all heavy mechanical work situations

Level 2 of Apprentice Heavy Mechanic Trades introduces apprentices to the safe servicing of a variety of heavy mechanical systems, including charging systems, starting systems, electrical components, electronic components, vehicle management systems, engines and supporting systems. In the classroom and shop, they develop their ability to apply theoretical knowledge and occupational skills to all heavy mechanical work situations.

Students train in classrooms and shops at VCC's facility at the Annacis Island campus. Instruction is provided through lectures to introduce theory and demonstrations to illustrate practical application of the theory. Students then have ample opportunity in the diesel equipment labs to apply their skills and to demonstrate their knowledge. Students supply their own coveralls and safety equipment. Hand tools are supplied while the apprentice is a student at VCC.

An apprenticeship is a system of training that combines work-based training with periods of formal practical and theoretical education. This theoretical instruction is provided by an approved training college or facility. Typically, apprentices take a short break from their employment once a year to complete their training. When an apprentice successfully completes a training program and attains the required number of work-based hours, he/she earns a certificate or ticket, and becomes a journeyperson in his or her trade.

For additional information about the program, call 604.871.7041 or email apprentice@vcc.ca.

Funding/financial support resources:
Apprenticeship Incentive Grant
Financial Supports
(information about Employment Insurance benefits or personal support payments for apprentices)

Service Canada, apprenticeship program office
4279 Canada Way (at Gilmore)
Burnaby, B.C.
Phone: 1.800.206.7218
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


This program welcomes applications from Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Program options for international students can be found at VCC International.

As Vancouver Community College is a post-secondary institution committed to educating adult learners, applicants should be 16 years of age or older or a graduate of a secondary school.

Please note that you must submit official transcripts and educational documents to support your application; unfortunately, we cannot accept photocopies or fax versions.

Program Specific

Missing prerequisites? VCC offers courses in Adult Upgrading and English as an Additional Language to help you meet your goals.

Students must be registered with the Industry Training Authority (ITA) as an Apprentice and have received an ITA Identification number.

To determine whether you qualify for apprenticeship training consult the Industry Training Authority.

New apprentices who have successfully completed an ITA approved training program can apply to the Industry Training Centre for credit towards the work-based and technical training requirements of their apprenticeship. Often, successful completion of a trades program or pre-apprentice program significantly reduces the work-based and/or training hours required for the trade.

Course Schedule

Fees and Other costs

Application Fee No Fee
Tuition Fee Level 1 - $876
Level 2 - $701
Student Union Fee $55 per level
College Initiative Fee $25 - Level 1
$20 - Level 2
U-Pass Fee $41 - per month
Other Costs
$35 - Campus Resource Fee - Level 1
$28 - Campus Resource Fee - Level 2
$91 - Material Fee – Level 1
$73 - Material Fee – Level 2
Apprentice Classes are a first pay, first seat registration (where seats are available). If you are already a VCC Apprentice, you are able register directly into your next level through myvcc.ca.
A $200.00 non refundable deposit is required if you are registering before two months of the start of your class. You will be invoiced with the balance and a due date for payment. Full fees are due if you are registering within two months of the start of class.
If you do not meet the requirements outlined by the ITA for the level you are registering in before one month of the start of class, you will be dropped from the course. It is your responsibility to ensure your ITA transcript is up to date with the Industry Training Authority. .

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Fees are approximate and subject to change without notice. Students are responsible for any increase in fees if advanced payments are made. The application fee is non-refundable. Fees are refunded according to the refund policy. For further clarification, see withdrawals and refunds information page.

Info Sessions

Info Sessions

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Contact Us/Request Info

Contact Us/Request Info


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Program Highlights

Program Highlights


Course Schedule

Courses Schedule


Term 1

(HMAP 1002) Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprentice 1
course schedule schedule
12.0 credits  course outline
(HMAP 2002) Heavy Mechanical Trades Apprentice 2
course schedule schedule
10.0 credits