Safety & Security

In all emergencies call 604.871.7000 ext. 4444

The mission of the Vancouver Community College Department of Safety & Security is to sustain a safe campus environment and improve the quality of life for students, faculty, staff, and community members.

Call Campus Security for Urgent Security or Medical Help: Local 4444 or any yellow call station.

In a severe life-threatening situation, call 9-911 from a campus phone.

When calling 911 state:

  • nature and location of the emergency
  • your name
  • name of building and address
  • nearest entrance and room number
  • your phone number

Do NOT hang up. Follow the operator’s instructions. You may need to stay on the phone until emergency personnel arrive.

For urgent medical assistance/first aid:

  • Call 604.871.7000 ext. 4444 or using any yellow call station.

For non-urgent medical assistance/first aid please call or visit one of our campus security desks:

  • Broadway campus 
    778.783.5020 or local 5020
    Located on the second floor of Building B (2218)

  • Downtown campus
    604.443.8361 or local 8361
    Located on the second floor outside room 252 (across from the Library)

Vancouver Community College (VCC) is committed to the prevention of Sexual Violence and Misconduct and the promotion of an environment where everyone is physically and emotionally safe and treated with respect. VCC is committed to providing education to the College community about the prevention of Sexual Violence and Misconduct and to assisting and supporting those who have experienced Sexual Violence and Misconduct.

The college will post a notice at vcc.ca and contact major radio stations to make an announcement in the event of a decision by the President or designate to close the college or any parts of it.

Stay Informed
In the event of a sustained disruption of college services, due to an emergency, weather conditions or other circumstances, notices and information updates will be posted to the college’s website at www.vcc.ca.

The VCC website is your primary means of staying informed. Broadcast email and voicemail, information hotlines, radio announcements or other communications will be secondary to the website.

For urgent security help call 604.871.7000 ext. 4444.

To contact the security desk at one of our campuses:

Students and employees can find more information about our safety and security procedures, processes, services and team on myvcc.ca.