Auto Body and Collision Technician Apprentice Level 4 (E-pprentice) (ACAP 4003)

This E-pprentice/alternate delivery course provides the Level 4 technical training component of the Provincial Auto Body and Collision Technician apprentice program. It requires only 1-week of on-campus training plus a 1-week videoconference session as opposed to the 5-week traditional course format. This is made possible with self-paced online studies, workplace assignments, and focused competency-based on-campus experience. In this course students learn frame repairs including: pulling equipment and maintenance, structural damage analysis, pulling and sectioning considerations on major structural components. Students learn to create estimate supplements and sublet repairs, quality control, mechanical components, and service requirements of advanced vehicle electronics. Students also learn the importance of the mentor role in the workplace. Students achieving a grade of 70% or greater are eligible to: - receive ITA Technical Training credit for Auto Body and Collision Technician Level 4 - write the ITA Interprovincial Red Seal Exam
Course code: ACAP 4003
Credits: 8.0
Length: 215.0 hours
Course outline: view


Students must be registered with the Industry Training Authority of B.C. (ITA) and have received an Apprentice Identification number; and ACAP 3002 Auto Body and Collision Technician Apprentice Level 3, or ACAP 3003 Auto Body and Collision Technician Apprentice Level 3 (E-pprentice)

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