Automotive Service Technician Harmonized Apprentice Level 3 (ATAP 3011)

This course provides Automotive Service Technician Level 3 Apprentices with the skills and knowledge required for the Automotive Service Technician Harmonized Level 3 certification as set by the Industry Training Authority (ITA).

Learners will apply advanced electrical and electronic principles,use advanced wiring diagrams, electrical equipment and describe computer controlled system .The learner will also identify, service, and describe fuel types, and fuel delivery systems including direct injection. The learner will service and repair electronic ignition, and engine management systems; and describe air induction, exhaust systems, and gasoline emission control devices. The learner will describe and repair network computer control and multiplexing systems as well as describing mechanical transfer cases and servicing electrical accessories.

Upon successful completion of this course, apprentices will be able to progress to Automotive Service Technician Harmonized Level 4 technical training.
Course code: ATAP 3011
Credits: 9.0
Length: 210.0 hours
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Campus: Varies Varies


Successful completion of Automotive Service Technician Harmonized Level 2 Apprenticeship.