Bakery Merchandising (BAKG 1111)

In this course, students are introduced to the basic principles of merchandising and customer relations through working in VCC’s own retail bakeshop, Seiffert Market. Students learn to merchandise products appropriately and effectively and experience how a retail bakeshop operates. Students will also be researching industry merchandising and operation standards and methods. Using an experiential learning approach, this course will also provide students with the opportunity to work independently and in cooperative teams to apply theory to practice and to reflect on their own performance and product outcomes. Group discussions are facilitated to reflect on processes, product outcomes, customer relations, and learning.

This course is part of the full-time Baking Foundation - High School, Baking and Pastry Arts - Advanced Baking Specialty, Baking and Pastry Arts - ESL, Baking and Pastry Arts - Patisserie Specialty Programs.
Course code: BAKG 1111
Credits: 1.0
Length: 25.0 hours
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