Becoming an Ally 1 (SIGN 1400)

This course introduces the student to terms related to Deaf people, Deaf culture, and sign language. The course also provides the student with an opportunity to examine assumptions and perspectives on d/Deaf people and ASL, to learn about historical trends in Deaf Education, and to become aware of issues and challenges related to working with d/Deaf people. The course theme is Two Language, Two Cultures, Two Communities.
Course code: SIGN 1400
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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1) English 12 with C or equivalent, or English Language Proficiency at an English 12 level, or equivalent AND 2) SIGN 1000 or equivalent OR 3) Admission to the ASL & Deaf Studies program.


SIGN 1100, SIGN 1200, SIGN 1300 and SIGN 1500.

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