American Sign Language 3 (SIGN 3100)

In this course, the student will continue to build on their knowledge of ASL with increasing focus on more complex grammatical features and sentence structures. The student will increase their communicative competency in ASL through a variety of situations and activities. The balance of the course will be supplemented by dialogue drills, scripted activities, conversation skill activities and DVD exercises. Reinforcement or tutorial sessions will be provided during the lab sessions. ASL grammar features explored in this course will include topographic space and expanding medical vocabulary. Defining ASL discourse, bilingualism and language contact, the variation and historical change in ASL, daily narratives and ASL storytelling, and ASL semantics will also be discussed.
Course code: SIGN 3100
Credits: 5.0
Length: 96.0 hours
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SIGN 2100.


SIGN 3200, SIGN 3300, SIGN 3400, SIGN 3500.

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