How to Apply to VCC

Before Applying

Apply Online

Application Fees

Important Notice

After Applying



Before Applying

Check Admission Requirements

Programs are offered on a first-qualified, first-admitted basis. Check that all admission requirements are met before applying.


Select One Program

Applicants may apply to one program at a time. If you have an active application on file and wish to apply to a different program at VCC, you must first withdraw your current application before applying to the new program of interest. Application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable among VCC programs.


Check Application Availability

Many popular programs and selection programs may close applications earlier. To find out if a program is accepting applications, check the Application Availability page. As application fees are non-refundable and non-transferable between programs, only apply if the application availability status indicates "Apply Now" based on your study permit status.

Offers are not guaranteed, and qualified applicants may be placed on the waitlist if program seats are full or reserved. Apply as soon as the application period is open to increase the chance of getting an offer.

If a program is offered to international students but is not shown on EducationPlannerBC (EPBC), contact 


Apply Online

Before applying, check the Application Availability page to ensure the program is accepting applications based on your study permit status as application fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable between programs. If a program is accepting applications but is not shown on EducationPlannerBC (EPBC), contact 

Apply online at EducationPlannerBC:

  1. Create an account on EducationPlannerBC (EPBC) and fill in your personal information. Review how to apply on EPBC  if you need help.

  2. Start a new application by selecting Vancouver Community College

  3. Click on "Create Application"

  4. Select "International Applicant"

  5. Choose the level of study, program, and term

  6. Provide additional information and documents required

  7. Click on "Review & Submit"

  8. Pay the application fee by credit card* only ($145, non-refundable)

  9. Submit your Application. Changes after application submission cannot be made within EducationPlannerBC. Email to make changes if necessary.

  10. Check your email inbox for a copy of the receipt from Check the most updated application processing time, and wait for VCC to contact you about the next steps.

Have more questions? Check the Apply Online FAQ.

* If further help is needed, refer to Credit Card and Payment Questions  or contact EPBC.



Application with missing information will be incomplete, and submission of pending information and/or documents will be required. Please ensure all mandatory fields are entered accurately and relevant documents are uploaded with the application, such as Passport photo page, Educational documents, Proof of English Proficiency, Study Permit (if applicable), and other requirements (if applicable). Before applying, ensure you review the Application Availability page to find out if your choice of program is accepting applications. After your application is reviewed, if there are outstanding documents or information required, VCC will inform you by email.


Application Fees

  • International application fee: $145
  • Application fees are assessed upon submission of applications.
  • Application fees and assessment fees are non-refundable.
  • Application fees are not transferrable among VCC programs. Students applying to a different program must pay the application fee again.  
  • Applications are withdrawn if an offer is rejected, or if the program applied to has started. To re-apply, a new application package and application fee will be required.


Important Notice about Applications

  • Applications with missing documents or invalid payment details may result in a delay in the application processing time.
  • Program seats will be available on a first-qualified, first-offered basis.
  • Application processing times may vary depending on the time of the year.


After Applying

Receive an Admissions Decision

After applications are evaluated, an admissions decision will be provided.

  • Letter of Offer is issued to qualified applicants if program seats are available. Find out more about how to accept an offer.
  • Waitlist Confirmation is issued to qualified applicants if program seats are reserved or full. 
  • Additional Documents may be requested if students do not meet the admissions requirements.



Students need to re-apply to reinstate a withdrawn application, or when requesting a program change.

Withdrawn Applications

Applications may be withdrawn for different reasons, for example:

International students whose applications are withdrawn may re-apply to VCC by submitting a complete application package and paying the application fee again.

Program Change

International students may apply to one program at a time. Applications for more than one program in the same intake are not accepted. Students applying to a different program must re-apply online and submit the application fee for the new program.


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Still have questions about applying to VCC? Contact our International Advisors.