Education Service Contract Policy

Policy Number: 406
Policy Effective Date: March 31, 2021
Approval Body: Board of Governors
Sponsor: President

Context and Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish a clear process for developing, approving and managing contracts with external funding organizations for the provision of education services by Vancouver Community College (VCC; the College).

The College recognizes that Education Service Contracts may benefit the institution in a number of ways, including:

  1. Generating revenue

  2. Addressing industry need

  3. Developing partnerships

  4. Creating innovative projects

  5. Building institutional capacity

  6. Benefiting the community

Scope and Limits

This policy applies to education service contracts involving financial transactions.

College employees working off-campus on activities related to Education Services Contracts are governed by the policies, Collective Agreements, and other rules of their employment with the College.

Reporting on Education Service Contracts to Education Council, after implementation by the institution but without prior review by Education Council, is a requirement of The College and Institute Act, section 23(1)(c)(ii). 


  1. Education Service Contracts will align with and support the mission, mandate and strategic direction of VCC.

  2. Education Service Contracts are primarily intended to provide a net financial contribution to support College activities.

  3. Education Service Contracts will not cause any reduction to existing programming.

  4. Opportunities for Education Service Contracts are considered with external funders or organizations that share compatible goals and values with VCC, and must agree to conform to all VCC's policies, procedures, and Collective Agreements.

  5. Educational offerings will comply with curriculum approval and all governance processes.

  6. Education Service Contracts will not restrict the commitment of the College to offer a broad range of programs and services to its community.

  7. Education Service Contracts are approved and signed by the appropriate College authority.


Contract Manager
The individual responsible for the administration of the contract, including deliverables, risk management and monitoring, as delegated by the Contract Owner.
Contract Owner
The individual who holds ultimate responsibility for the contract, typically including signing authority in alignment with the thresholds prescribed in policy.
Contract Repository
A central digital site used to store the key documents of the contracts (including proposals, agreements, budgets, reports, etc.), which acts as a clearinghouse for all contracts and provides information used for reporting and contract development purposes.
Educational Affiliations
Agreements with post-secondary institutions or other bodies that create opportunities for educational programming, student pathways, or applied research. Educational affiliations extend the College's ability to create learning experiences for students, partnerships for offering credentials, collaborations for applied research and scholarship, or equivalent course/credit pathways between institutions (See policy 407).
Education Service Contract
A binding written agreement that captures the terms surrounding the delivery of training or educational services outside of base budgeted activities. Agreements of this nature are typically time-limited and result in additional revenue.

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