Education Service Contract Procedures

Procedures Number: 406
Procedures Effective Date: March 31, 2021
Approval Body: Board of Governors
Sponsor: President



  1. Education Service Contracts must be formalized in writing and approved by the relevant educational and financial approvals before service delivery commences. Education Service Contracts include the budget, deliverables, and reporting requirements.

  2. Upon signing the contract, all relevant documents will be added to the Contract Repository through the Partnership Development Office (PDO), and an organization code will be assigned by Financial Services.

  3. A series of resources applicable to contracts is available for internal users on myVCC, including but not limited to the Contract Management Guide, costing forms, and contract templates.

  4. All non-standard contracts will be reviewed by additional parties (such as the Procurement Department or a lawyer) to ensure that VCC is not exposed to undue risk or liability in cases involving insurance implications.


  1. The Contract Owner (or delegate) will:

    1. Hold exploratory discussions and assessment prior to or concurrently with the costing process

    2. Cost the contract using the current contract costing template and obtain approval from Finance

    3. Consult all relevant departments and service areas where appropriate

    4. Liaise with the Partnership Development Office (PDO) where applicable

    5. Present the formal contract to the relevant signing and spending authority (as outlined in Signing and Spending Authority policy 114) for approval

    6. Be accountable for all aspects of delivery, monitoring, evaluation, and non-financial reporting

  2. The Contract Manager is responsible for contract administration, including:

    1. Financial accountability, in consultation with Financial Services, following internal accounting standards and procedures

    2. Reporting (external and internal) as required by the contract and VCC policies where applicable

    3. Risk management & monitoring

  3. The Partnership Development Office (PDO) will:

    1. Assist and advise on exploratory discussions and contract assessment , costing and pricing

    2. Provide input on programming and delivery logistics

    3. Provide support during the project development and proposal writing process

    4. Store and archive contracts and related documents in the Contract Repository

    5. Provide ongoing support for contract administration and evaluation

    6. Present an annual report to Education Council summarizing the education service contracts delivered in the preceding year as required by The College and Institute Act, section 23(1)(c)(ii).

    7. Review proposals prior to submission.

    8. Provide input on contract and project closure

  4. The Financial Services department will:

    1. Review and approve the costing of Education Service Contracts

    2. Assign each Education Service Contract a separate organization code

    3. Provide oversight of contract revenue and expenditures

    4. Support financial reporting for internal and external parties

    5. Fulfill auditing requirements

  5. Departments are responsible for the delivery of educational services as prescribed by the contract, including but not limited to:

    1. Hiring contract staff and instructors

    2. Scheduling and room booking

    3. Course/program, delivery

    4. Supporting students

    5. Overseeing educational quality


  1. When an Education Service Contract opportunity arises, the relevant department(s) will undertake exploratory discussions to assess the feasibility of the opportunity.

  2. The following consultations are required during the exploratory discussion process:

    1. Dean or Director

    2. Partnership Development Office

    3. Financial Services, to obtain preliminary costing and budget approval

  3. Additional consultations are required with areas that will be directly impacted by the Education Services Contract (such as Student Services for contracts with a significant number of students with disabilities or with Facilities for contracts with extensive space needs).

  4. Exploratory discussions lead to assessment and will result in one of three possible outcomes:

    1. Initial approval, and subsequent development of an Education Service Contract

    2. Referral to the PDO or other department for further exploratory discussions

    3. Non-action


  1. The Contract Owner or delegate will be responsible for contract evaluation in consultation with the PDO, and will ensure satisfaction of any external closure requirements.

  2. The Contract Owner will provide the PDO with any relevant details to inform reporting and institutional best practices.

  3. Before closure of the organization code, Financial Services confirms that all contract revenue and expenses are accounted for, and that the contract no longer has any activities within the relevant fiscal year.

See related policy 406
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