Educational Technology

Here are some common educational technologies will likely be part of your learning experience at VCC: Moodle, Zoom, Kaltura, and Office365, which are all free for VCC students.

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If you need to review some basic computer skills, try GCF Global’s tutorials:   

To increase your typing speed, try: 

Moodle is VCC’s web-based learning management system. This is where you will find online course materials. You can: 

  • view lecture notes, videos, etc. 
  • upload assignments 
  • view feedback and grades
  • participate in class discussions and message other students 

You can log in to Moodle through myVCC with your student number and password, or go directly to  Use Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browsers. 


Get Started with Moodle  

This video shows how to access Moodle from myVCC, find your courses, update your profile settings, and use the messaging feature (3 min 38 sec). 


To learn more about using Moodle, use the Online Learner Success Express course in your Moodle dashboard


Zoom is a video and audio conferencing tool for meeting online. Your instructor may use Zoom for online lectures, office hours, group work, and presentations. 

As a student, you can use Zoom to: 

  • Meet with group members for projects and assignments 
  • Work on homework with classmates 

How to Install Zoom 

This video shows you how to install Zoom and sign in with your College account (2 min 51 sec).


How to Join a Zoom Meeting

This video shows you how to join a Zoom meeting from an email invitation and use basic Zoom features (3 min 13 sec). You don't need to have a Zoom account to attend a meeting invitation, but you do need a basic Zoom download.


Customize Your Profile

You can update your user information, including name, profile photo, email address and more. Include your first or preferred name and an appropriate photo of yourself. The link below has step by step instructions. 

The Zoom Help Center has many resources to help you, including: 

Kaltura Capture makes video and/or audio recordings. You can record from your device camera and also record screencasts. You have media storage space to upload and store your recordings in VCC MediaSpace. You can: 

  • Record a presentation or media assignment and upload it to Moodle. 
  • Keep videos private or share them. 

How to Download and Install Kaltura Capture 

This video shows you how to download Kaltura Capture from VCC MediaSpace or from Moodle and install (2 min 25 sec). 



How to Make a Kaltura Recording, Upload to MediaSpace and Submit in Moodle 


This video demonstrates recording a video with Kaltura Capture, uploading it to VCC MediaSpace, and submitting it as a Moodle assignment (4 min 53 sec)


Office 365 includes Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. They are accessible online using your VCC student login and can also be downloaded to use offline.  

The video below shows you how to access Office 365 through your student email and install them onto your computer (1 min 58 sec).