Empowered People
and Inclusive Culture

Cultivate innovative and accessible people services committed to inclusion, wellness, and development for all employees

Indigenization by
Decolonization &

Review and reimagine People Services through the lens of decolonization and reconciliation.

Justice, Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion

Create a culturally aware and inclusive workplace that provides equitable opportunities for Indigenous and diverse representation, participation, and success.

Rights & Responsibilities

Build a respectful and safe work environment that is free from harassment and discrimination for all employees.

Mental Health & Well-being

Promote employee well-being by embedding all aspects of health into work culture.

People Development

Foster a robust talent-base by supporting career and professional development, advancement opportunities, and succession planning.

Our plan in action

Learning for life

Supported in part by the B.C. government, 50 faculty members from the School of Health Sciences are registered to complete San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety Training through the BC PHSA. These will join the 100+ college employees who have already completed the program.