Foster meaningful relationships and strategic partnerships that expand opportunities, community impact, and industry recognition

Indigenization by
Decolonization &

Deepen our relationships with Indigenous communities that are reciprocal and respectful of their perspectives and priorities.

Justice, Equity, Diversity
& Inclusion

Engage equity-deserving groups and local cultural diaspora in meaningful collaborations that contribute to our diverse communities.


Build a strong college presence through a strategic brand and communications plan that engages new opportunities.

Foundation & Alumni

Leverage our alumni and donor relations to expand educational opportunities and support major capital projects through strategic fundraising.


Grow external partnerships and associations that increase our community impact and industry recognition.

Our plan in action

Quality connections

When students enrolled in VCC's graphic design program, they knew they'd come away with job-ready skills. What they didn't expect was that they'd work alongside a prominent B.C. designer on a project that would touch the lives of thousands of children.