Jewellery Art and Design Diploma

This is a jewel of a program for those who want to become professional jewellery designers.
VCC's unique two-year diploma program offers a hands-on learning experience in the design and fabrication of jewellery. The program appeals to creative individuals who would like to develop their skills in both the artistic and technical aspects of jewellery making. Established in 1988, VCC's jewellery art and design program has been instrumental in training a dynamic and entrepreneurial community of successful studio artists.
Program Status: Accepting applications. All application for September 2016 must be complete by June 3, 2016.
Start Length Credentials Campus Part- or Full-time
September 2 years Diploma Downtown Full-time

Apply Now

Apply Now

Applicants attend a personal interview to present a portfolio demonstrating their artistic ability and interest. Resumes are to be included with the portfolio. A portfolio is a folder, notebook or three-ring binder, containing a collection of drawings, sketches, photographs, slides, or any other representation of the individual's artistic ability, sensitivities, visual awareness and interests. A display of both two and three dimensional design ability is recommended. The portfolio should contain approximately 10 to 20 original pieces. Larger works such as sculptures or large paintings should be presented in slides or photographs. Working sketch books displaying the development of ideas may also be included. Jewellery pieces are not required but may be included. A structured interview format is used.

Portfolios are judged on the degree to which they demonstrate:

  1. Creativity and originality (25 points)
  2. Freehand drawing (25 points)
  3. Design capability (25 points)
  4. General art-related knowledge and interest/involvement expressed during the interview (25 points)

Applicants are expected to discuss their portfolio with the selection committee and to answer questions about their general art-related interests and knowledge. A major focus of the interview is on establishing the applicant's ability to succeed in the program with consideration given to ability and willingness to accept and grow in a learning environment; ability to interact with others; commitment to the total program; attention span and previous art/design-related training and experience.

Upon successful completion of the selection process the 20 highest-ranked candidates are offered seats to start the program in September, usually within two weeks of their interview. A list of stand-by students may also be compiled. Applicants who do not obtain a seat after the interview process must re-apply.

Online Fax / Mail In Person
If you're ready and know the program you want, apply now. Download and complete the (PDF) application/registration form and fax to 604.443.8450 Visit us at one of our campus locations.

After you apply, you can check application status to see if all of the requirements have been met or to update contact information. Please use the temporary login ID and Personal Identification Number (PIN) that you used to complete your original online application.

Program Description

Program Description

The curriculum is project-oriented. It includes a wide range of both traditional and innovative approaches to metal techniques as well as courses in design, drawing, art history, gemmology and business management. Various opportunities are provided for students to display and market their work.

Classes are generally held Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. (subject to change).

Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements


VCC welcomes applications from Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

As Vancouver Community College is a post-secondary institution committed to educating adult learners, applicants should be 18 years of age or older or a graduate of a secondary school.

Please note that you must submit official transcripts and educational documents to support your application; unfortunately, we cannot accept photocopies or fax versions.

Program Specific

Missing prerequisites? VCC offers courses in Adult Upgrading and English as an Additional Language to help you meet your goals.

Admission to this program is a competitive selection based on:

  • Grade 12 graduation, or equivalent
  • Portfolio demonstrating artistic ability, reviewed by a VCC selection committee. May include post-secondary art-related courses or equivalent experience
  • Personal interview; scheduled for June 6 - 8, 2016

All requests for transfer credits or course exemptions for all courses in the program must be submitted with application.

Course Schedule

Fees and Other costs

Application Fee $35
Tuition Fee $6,184.00
Student Union Fee $117.00
College Initiative Fee $178.00
Student Union Health Plan Fee $ 292.0
Student Union Dental Plan Fee $ 292.0
U-Pass Fee $ 711.00
Other Costs $2800.00 -Textbooks and supplies:approximately $2,000 in the first year and $800.00 in the second year $ 21.00 - Graduation Fees

Fees are approximate and subject to change without notice. Students are responsible for any increase in fees if advanced payments are made. The application fee is non-refundable. For more information, see withdrawals and refunds specific to this program.

Info Sessions

Info Sessions

Turn your artistic passion into a dynamic career.

VCC’s two-year jewellery art and design diploma program is project oriented and hands-on; ideal for creative individuals who would like to develop their artistic and technical skills.

Attend an information session to meet current students and instructors, tour the design studios and learn how to apply.

Date Day Time Room Location
June 3, 2016 Friday 2 - 3:30 p.m. 160 Downtown

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Contact Us/Request Info


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Program Highlights

Program Highlights


Career Prospects

Career Prospects

Course Schedule

Courses Schedule

Term 1

Metal Techniques 1 (JADE 1101) 11.5 credits
Gemmology 1 (JADE 1102) 1.5 credits
Design and Drawing 1 (JADE 1103) 1.5 credits
History of Art 1 (JADE 1104) 1.5 credits

Term 2

Metal Techniques 2 (JADE 1201) 10.0 credits
Gemmology 2 (JADE 1202) 1.5 credits
Design and Drawing 2 (JADE 1203) 1.5 credits
History of Art 2 (JADE 1204) 1.5 credits
Display Project (JADE 1205) 5.5 credits

Term 3

Metal Techniques 3 (JADE 2101) 7.0 credits
Gemmology 3 (JADE 2102) 1.5 credits
Design and Drawing 3 (JADE 2103) 1.5 credits
History of Art 3 (JADE 2104) 1.5 credits
Business Management (JADE 2106) 1.5 credits
Guided Studies 1 (JADE 2107) 3.0 credits

Term 4

Gemmology 4 (JADE 2202) 1.5 credits
Design and Drawing 4 (JADE 2203) 1.5 credits
History of Art 4 (JADE 2204) 1.5 credits
Guided Studies 2 (JADE 2207) 2.0 credits
Production Techniques (JADE 2208) 6.5 credits
Computer Graphics (JADE 2209) 1.0 credits
Diploma Project (JADE 2210) 6.0 credits