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Viewbook 2016‌‌



Continuing Studies Flyer

 CS Flyer Spring 2017

Spring 2017


International Brochure

international brochure
VCC International Brochure


Aboriginal Services Plan

Coastal Corridor Consortium - Aboriginal Services Plan  [PDF]‌


Annual Reports

FTE Enrolment Statement of VCC 2015 - 2016  [PDF] ‌


Board Attendance and Remuneration

Board Attendance & Remuneration 2015-16  [PDF]

Board Attendance & Remuneration 2014-15   [PDF]‌


Board of Governors

VCC - Board Manual 2014  ‌[PDF]‌


College Business Plan

 VCC Integrated College Plan  [PDF] 


Employee Salary Information

VCC Faculty  [PDF]‌ ‌

VCC Administrators  [PDF]‌ 


VCC Environment and Sustainability

Broadway Lighting Upgrades  [PDF]

Carbon Neutral Action Report 2015  [PDF]

Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2014 - 2017  [PDF]

Strategic Energy Management Plan  [PDF]


Executive Compensation Report

Executive Compensation Disclosure Statement 2015-2016  [PDF]‌

Executive Compensation Disclosure Statement 2014-2015  [PDF]‌


Institutional Accountability - Plan and Report

Institutional Accountability Plan & Report 2015/16 Reporting Cycle  [PDF]‌

Institutional Accountability Plan & Report 2014/15 Reporting Cycle‌  [PDF]‌


VCC Logo Guidelines

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