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2014 BC Provincial Skills Competition winners

Posted on April 14, 2014

2014 BC Provincial SkillsLast week, dozens of students converged on the Fraser Valley Trade and Exhibition Centre (TRADEX) in Abbotsford to show off their skills in the 2014 BC Provincial Skills Competition.

Although the competition was stiff, VCC students and students from partners schools managed to take the top spots in a number of categories.

Congrats to all the competitors and winners on a job well done!

Please see below for a list of winners in affiliated with VCC or our partner schools:


Auto Paint

1. Isaac Da Silva - Burnaby North Secondary (ACE-IT)
2. Albert Morales - John Oliver Sec (ACE-IT)
3. Conor Anola - A.L. Fortune in Comox (ACE-IT)


Collision Repair (Secondary)

1. Jacob Wall - A.L. Fortune (ACE-IT)
2. Kurtis Gordey - A.L. Fortune (ACE-IT)
3. Sam Davis - Sandwick Technical School (ACE-IT)


Collision Repair (Post-Secondary)

1. Shawn Atherton - VCC
2. Russell Relling - Okanagan College
3. Jay Kendrick - Okanagan College?


Auto Service Technician (Secondary)

Gold - Mathew Dyck,  Highland Secondary 
Silver - Justin To, Brittania
Bronze - Jordan Boyes and Robert Bateman


Auto Service Technician (Post-Secondary)

Gold - Ken Anderson,  Okanagan College
Silver - Dan Parisi,  VCC
Bronze - Nick Spottock, Okanagan College


Aesthetics (post-secondary)

Gold - Diane Chan, VCC
Silver - Eula Chua, VCC
Bronze - Angelica Oredina, VCC

Hair design

Silver - Shay Alexander, VCC



Bronze - Elizabeth Woolnough, VCC


Baking (post-secondary)

Gold - Mandy Yeung, VCC
Silver - Jeremy Inglett, VCC
Bronze - Patty Wang, VCC?


Baking (secondary)

Gold - Jennifer Tuley, Windemere Community Secondary, VCC ACE-IT
Bronze - Natalie Chung, North Surrey Secondary, VCC ACE-IT