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All you need to know about VCC entrance awards

Posted on August 16, 2019



Originally published in Star Metro Vancouver

When Emily Man graduated from high school and enrolled in Vancouver Community College’s (VCC) university transfer courses, she knew extra money would be helpful in paying for her education. That’s where VCC’s student entrance awards came in. 

“Not only did the award help to pay for some of the courses I took to get into VCC’s dental hygiene program, which I’m in now, but they also helped me personally,” says Man, who is set to graduate with a dental hygiene diploma in June 2020. “I was able to focus on my studies because I didn’t have to worry about a part-time job, so it took some of the pressure off.” 

VCC offers a range of financial assistance such as entrance scholarships for high school students. Valued at $1,000 each, these awards are specifically for recent Lower Mainland high school graduates entering a full-time VCC program or two terms of university transfer courses (minimum three courses). 

The college also offers $1,000 entrance awards for students entering a full-time VCC program that’s at least six months or minimum of three university transfer courses for four months. Applicants must have a B average and include a letter of reference along with the award application form. Award recipients are also selected based on academic achievement and community involvement (volunteering). 

“The application process was really easy,” says Man. “And every little bit does help.”

While Man heard about the entrance awards through her high school career counsellor, she encourages incoming VCC students to research which awards, grants, and bursaries may be available to them.  

“Don’t be afraid to do some research online ahead of time because some of the awards have deadlines that are pretty early, so you don't want to miss out on the opportunity," she says. “Everyone will be more than willing to help, and VCC really is an amazing experience with hands-on classes and teachers who want to see you do well.”


VCC entrance awards are still available for September 2019. To learn more about the awards and to apply, visit VCC Financial Aid.