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Are you ready for a career in volunteer management?

Posted on December 26, 2018


Article by VCC instructor Milena Santoro

Does this sound like you? Friendly, outgoing, lover of challenges, flexible, helpful, organized. If so, then you might be a perfect fit for developing a career as a volunteer manager.

Volunteer management can be a part time or a full time job. Professional volunteer managers instead can have paid employment on a regular basis with non-profit organizations and educational or care facilities. Another aspect of volunteer management is helping to organize special events, fundraising and gala events, sports gatherings, and games or conventions. As a volunteer manager, you will be involved in developing community relations and community building.

The skill set you need will be as varied as your work and possibly involve developing proposals, recruiting and screening volunteer applicants, training and orientation supervision, evaluation, and reporting. Applying for grants and administrative tasks is also often part of the job description.

The job is multi-faceted and comes with huge personal rewards. You will have countless opportunities to interact with volunteers who are giving of their time and energy because they too are friendly and like being helpful. You will help these amazing volunteers reach their full potential through many positive experiences.


VCC’s volunteer management certificate offers the knowledge and skills needed to start you on this exciting and fulfilling career path.


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