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Distinct themes and styles at VCC's 2013 jewellery show

Posted on May 17, 2013


Thirty-one students in Vancouver Community College’s jewellery art and design program are showcasing their unique pieces of handmade jewellery during the annual year-end exhibition at the college’s Downtown campus.

Themes in this year's show are far-ranging, including medieval metalwork, natural geometry, fragile landscapes and even an homage to homemade sweets.

Says Susan Remnant, VCC instructor, “The show offers an aspect of celebration, where students can feel proud of what they have accomplished during their studies at VCC."

All pieces will be on display daily until June 1.

What some of the students say about their work:

Pachama, by Magaly Navarez
"My diploma project is based and inspired in Mother Nature (Pachamama), who is the perfect model from whom I get my beliefs, creativity and my materials. Each of my jewellery pieces represents elements of human nature and Mother Earth such as love, soul, life, mentor, freedom and my ancestral Inca background."

Sun Worshippers, by Mona Alfalaij
"This series of jewellery explores ancient civilizations that worshipped the sun, mainly the Mayan and Ancient Egyptian civilizations and the three basic elements that these sun worshipping cultures had in common: sacrifice, worship and the sun, represented through wearable jewellery."

Natural Geometry, by Laura Bundschuh
"I have had a fascination with minerals ever since I was a child. The array of colours and unique shapes they possess is something I’ve always been drawn toward and has made me a collector of mineral specimens for many years. Using simple designs, I wanted to showcase the beauty of these minerals and create juxtaposition between manmade and natural materials."