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MarketSafe certification now available at VCC

Posted on April 15, 2015

News-MarketSafe-800"Farmers' Market" licensed under Creative Commons 2.0 courtesy of Flickr user NatalieMaynor


In Vancouver, eating local means getting our food from more places than just restaurants. As one of the world’s top food cities, our farmers’ markets, produce stands and home-based food entrepreneurs are also becoming big players in the local culinary scene. In support of this broadening industry, Vancouver Community College is excited to now offer MarketSafe, a course specifically designed to teach food safety outside of regulated establishments.

The 7-hour course will be taught by Peter Lee, a Certified Public Health Inspector and FOODSAFE instructor with over 25 years’ experience.

Before the MarketSafe program was developed in partnership with the BC Association of Farmers’ Markets in 2010, Lee remembers market vendors who were overwhelmed by health and safety requirements, many of which only applied to restaurants. “I sympathized with them,” says Lee. “But now we have MarketSafe, which doesn’t get into too many restaurant requirements. It’s much more simplified.”

In addition to food handling, VCC’s MarketSafe course will also help aspiring food producers navigate all the forms and regulations involved in transforming a home-based project into a successful local business—something not part of the traditional FOODSAFE curriculum. “It really explains to operators what they need to do,” says Lee.


Do you dream of selling your baked goods or produce at a local venue? Get the knowledge you need to join Vancouver’s’ thriving food scene through VCC’s MarketSafe certification course. Apply now for courses April 18 and August 22, 2015.